Photo #1 – Brazil

Here’s the thing: I have tons of unpublished photos from my travels. Mostly because I keep thinking I need to prepare ish in a specific way. And because of this I end up not publishing and years (yes! sometimes years!) later I feel sorry because the moment is gone and that photo will never feel the same. Well, it does feel the same to me. So, with big hopes that I will keep this up, I am starting now a challenge of publishing REGULARLY a photo from my timeless travels.

So here is the first one: I’m ignoring the famous pictures everyone takes on the Escadaria Selaró or Selaron Steps in #RiodeJaneiro, and trying to hug the #Brazil’s flag instead. Trying because, until someone told me to take my shoes off, I kept sliding off the ceramic mosaic.
Like every other thing in Rio, the story of the stairs is rather tragic. It took the Chilean artist, Jorge Selarón, 20 years to make the famous tribute to the Brazilian people but five years ago his body was found laying on the stairs. It is assumed his death was connected to some local drug gangs.
However, nobody visiting the stairs seem to care about this, or to actually even think about it.

Tips: go early in the morning to avoid crowds or just climb them until the top, most of the people hang out at the bottom of the stairs.


Rio de Janeiro, October 2017