Photo #2 – Italy

The obsession with panoramas started more than 10 years ago when I was learning how to use #AdobePhotoshop. Meanwhile, the technology is advanced enough I can make them directly with my phone. Now, the obsession with loving high places for the view not sure when it started, but this is one of the reasons I love hiking as well. However, whenever I take panorama pictures, I rarely post them because they had no place on IG for a long while and on FB didn’t feel like people would notice them. So my blog is the perfect spot!

#ElbaIsland is famous (or at least that’s how I knew about it) because Napoleon, the French Emperor, was exiled there in 1814, and he lived on the Italian island for 300 days before escaping back to France. It is one of the most beautiful islands I stepped on, this view being from the highest mountain, Monte Capanne, 1019 m.
Tips: if you are afraid to jump in the moving cage that will bring you to the top, do not be ashamed to tell the people manipulating the machine. They could have a laugh about it, but safety is their main priority.

Elba Island, Italy – October 2014