Photo #3 – Chile

Another panorama since I already said I love them. This place known as Muelle del Alma was as magic as it seems. The weird thing is we had to hike 30 minutes to get here and it was all very foggy. I didn’t even know where we are or why there is such a fuss about it. The fogg disappeared in the one hour we waited in line to take the photo at the edge of the world (as they are calling it). I was shocked to see how the mystery transformed in an “out of this world” view. All around us, it was just incredible and I’m not kidding when I’m saying it made me feel like I’m not on this planet anymore.

Chiloe Island, Chile – February 2018

Tip: go early in the morning if you want to avoid crowds but be prepared to face the fog. Bring snacks and water with you because whatever you find on the hike is really over priced. You will need water!