One day in Fantasilandia – the amusement park in Santiago, Chile

Last year, when I was in South America, I was waiting for my bus direction #Santiago, capital of #Chile when the TV from the bus station showed some footage of an amusement park. I didn’t get where it was so without even thinking I asked the guys sitting next to me if they know the name of that place. They told me it’s in Santiago and it’s called Fantasilandia. That was all I needed. But since an amusement park is one of the few places I really think should not be done solo I invited the only person I knew who lived close-by and I was planning to visit afterwards.

I love amusement parks in general. Maybe because I didn’t have access to any while growing up, or maybe just because they are tons of fun.

Now some details about the park:

  • It’s located in O’Higgins Park – that is actually the name of the subway station and it has more than one entry (it’s important to know this if you decide to meet someone at the entry, I’ve learned that the hard way).
  • It’s cheaper to go during days of the week, and even cheaper if you buy the ticket online. You will need to put in information from a Chilean ID in order to actually be able to buy online.
  • They have three different areas: adrenaline, family and children. As well as they have some extra entertaining areas where you have to pay extra to try them.
  • The locker is a very good idea and it is very safe, just make sure you have coins for it.
  • They have a nice diversity in food, even an all you can eat buffet. However they do feel rather expensive (as it is expected from this kind of a park). And of course you are not allowed to bring your own food or drink inside the park.

I remember this day so well because it was the day I had the most fun in my entire American adventure. First we went around to see the rides and decide how we should start. My friend was a bit more scared than I was so we had to agree on some aspects of how we want to do this. Unfortunately by the time I got there my GoPro was long gone and so my footage is not as much of a live action as I would have liked. Or at least not from when we were on the rides and I have only recorded with my tablet (having a very poor quality camera).

I do not remember the names of all the rides we went on, I just know I had the most fun. We went in probably around ten of them and I laughed so hard my stomach hurt, I screamed, I even cried laughing, I got soaked and I felt my heart in my throat quite a lot. It was an amazing day and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

I also need to admit some rides scared me and I decided to skip them, but all in all, it was a great experience and I can not wait to visit another amusement park. Hopefully this year.

The last ride, and the craziest I have been on, was Raptor. My friend did not join me and I have no actual footage of it so I will leave you with this video found on YT. Be prepared for all the screams, I need to admit I did close my eyes few times while on it because I got too scared. Heheh!