Photo #4 – Romania

Salina Turda or Turda Salt Mine is known more and more around the world. Maybe because of how the place was transformed in an unique amusement park. Or because of the therapeutic benefits. Or maybe because NationalGeographic wrote about it, actually more than once. Closed as a salt mine in 1932, the site of #SalinaTurda has been in use since antiquity.
I have been there twice and one of the time was because of the visit of one my dear friends from Singapore. Isn’t it how it works? You travel more through your own country when someone is visiting you? At least that is my case. Anyway, this place is hands down my go to landmark whenever I wanna enjoy an unique experience or wanna brag about the region where I live (around 80 km away from it).

Turda, Romania – May 2013

Tips: Make sure you eat before going in since consumption of food inside it’s forbidden. Bring warm clothes with you since it can get very cold (temperature being around 10-12 degrees Celsius), no matter when you visit it. Expect long corridors you have to walk through so if you are suffering of claustrophobia maybe this is not the place for you.