Street Art around the world

Growing up in a country that was recovering from communism I have to say, Romania’s graffiti art was basically filled with injuries addressed to the system. And this is why I discovered my love for #streetart later in life. I was spoiled a lot during my years of living in #Reykjavik, but that is not the only city where I was surprised with amazing colours and talent. And every single time it makes me smile for hours.

While sorting to my pictures I realised I have way too many so most likely I will have to write a second article about the #graffiti I found around the world.

Reykjavik – Iceland

I admit I can not find the pictures with my actual favourite ones from the city, but these ones are second best. I need to get better organized, not gonna lie.

Valparaiso – Chile

The labyrinth of colour as I am calling it. I have decided to visit this city especially for all the street art that can be seen all around the city. I mean this is the main thing that made it famous for international travellers, like me. But you have to be ready to suffer a bit, since there are millions and millions of stairs and hills and basically if you really want to just walk around, do not assume the map will help you. I was lucky to have a local with me because if not, I would have most likely get lost. However I do suggest to just walk as much as possible, even randomly (as long as you remember where you came from).

São Paulo – Brazil

When I was told about this place I thought it’s a joke, since it’s called Batman Cave. To me that made no sense, I mean it still does not make sense regarding the name, however the art exposed here is simply mind-blowing. And it is always different since they take turn in exposing it.

Vienna – Austria

I was in Vienna earlier this month for few days and, even though the weather was too bad to take pictures as much as I wanted, I did notice this one and made me think. I can read a whole story in it, colours not needed.

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

I was overwhelmed when I was in Rio, but that is another story. I have seen a lot of street art, however I didn’t manage to take a lot of pictures of it because.. well, as I said I was overwhelmed. And I was being advised all the time to hide my camera.

Bucharest – Romania

I was actually surprised to find this totally by mistake in the capital of my home country. But also sad to see someone had to ruin it a little. Pfff, some people!

Toronto – Canada

I found something similar to Batman’s Cave from Brazil in Toronto. Except here it’s more like a passage and I have to say it looked a bit dodgy to me. Maybe because it did not feel safe to me at all.

Budapest – Hungary

I have visited this city four times, but last time when I was there was also first time by myself. So I went randomly on the streets and I found little treasures.

New York City – USA

NYC is filled with street art in such a way that I think this deserves a whole article by itself. But I had to mention it this time, since you know.. I love this city. Can’t you tell?

And since I mentioned NYC I need to tell you about the opportunity that came my way. I was accepted to go to NYC and record in Anchor Podcast Lab. It’s related to my podcast, Travelling Inside Out and I really do not want to miss this chance. Currently I am in Romania so I would need some support to make this happen. For more information please access the link on #GoGetFunding campaign page.