7 Best NYC treats and where to find them

It’s Valentine’s Day and you know what that means! No, really, maybe you know since I have never celebrated this holiday (even when I was in a relationship). However I can guarantee one thing, treating yourself (or the special person in your life) should always involve delicious things to eat. If you are in #NYC I have some suggestions for you. Once again, no ad involved even though I wouldn’t mind.

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1. Pizza!

It’s not NYC without pizza, everyone knows it. And truth be told you do find a pizza place every 3 steps in most of the parts of the city. But I am not gonna mention the $1 pizza, since there is nothing special about that. Even though that was the one I had first time!

So the one I wanted to mention is hiding somewhere in Brooklyn. Roberta’s Pizza is delicious and the bread garlic knots simply amazing. I am watering when I remember, I know my picture doesn’t make any justice to it. But believe me you have to try it!

2. Pastrami sandwich, yes THAT pastrami sandwich!

You can feel like being part of history when entering this place, I mean they opened in 1888. But maybe you know it more as an orgasmic history, okay not really, but you get my reference. Right? Harry would. When I stepped inside of Katz Delicatessen I knew I will be a bit overwhelmed. Now what I didn’t expect at all was that even the simplest sandwich will make me feel so full, I wasn’t able to finish it by myself. And believe me I tried. So, so, so yummy!

3. Sushi

I love sushi, so it was on my bucket list, while in NYC, to try sushi. What better place than Chinatown, the best place to try all sort of Asian fusion restaurants?! I was lucky enough to be suggested this place and boy, have I entered heaven?! It was a bit of a waiting time since the place was packed, but totally worth it. Unfortunately I can not find the name of the place, anymore. So, maybe take it as a challenge? Oooops!

4. Chicken and waffles (as dinner)

It was the first time having waffles for dinner, but so damn delicious. And soft, of course I wasn’t able to finish everything by myself. Just because portions! So I was recommended to go to Sweet Chick because it was close to my accommodation in Long Island City, and I am very happy I went.

5. Key Lime Pie

This is so delicious I was speechless when eating it. Not only that, but the owner is so kind. It’s the only place where I went twice while in #NYC and I’d go for the third and fourth time with no problems. So believe me when I am telling you, if you are hanging out in Brooklyn you have to make it to Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pies.

6. Rose Doughnut

This is purely just for the design of it, but I can’t think a more romantic sweet treat other than a donut shaped like a rose. And tastes delicious too. So don’t miss out on Doughnut Plant and make sure you try the rose.

7. Cookie Dough

I have left the best one for last because there is a story to tell. I found out about Cookie DŌ, the original gourmet edible bakeable cookie dough bakery, way before even having a visa to travel to US. But as I always do when I found interesting things, I mark them on my map hoping one day I will go there. And so it happens in less than one year I actually managed to travel for my first time ever to NYC, October 2016. Funny thing is I actually went there before they opened the shop, before it was so trendy that people would wait in line for at least one hour. So what I saw when I went there was a small apartment transformed in a small cookie dough factory and boy did I lose it not knowing what to choose. They have different types, I am actually curious to go again and see what changed in their flavours. Maybe I will do this next week, because I will be in NYC. Again!

How are you treating yourself this #ValentinesDay? Do you have other suggestions? Or are you curious for me to eat other treats, let me know by commenting below and I will try my best to make it happen.