The ultimate resource list for travelling to NYC

New York City can be an overwhelming city, especially for those who go there for the first time. I still remember being impressed by almost every little single thing, from a school bus to the yellow taxi. From seeing a real NYPD cop to having a drink in a diner. I have already wrote about accommodation and where to have some delicious treats, so now I thought I will continue with tips and tricks regarding other things you might need when in New York City.


  • Citymapper (Android or iOS) – even though NYers are willing to help you find your way around, it doesn’t hurt to have a map you can count on.
  • Sit or Squat – you might find this funny, but if you walk for hours to see so many interesting landmarks, you might need a toilet. Most of the restaurants have a sign outside making sure people know the toilet is only for clients. Use this app to spot the cleanest toilets.


  • Juno – it is considered to be cheaper, safer and more reliable than Uber.
  • MTA Subway Time – it shows the real time of when the train actually will be in your station.
  • City Bike (Android or iOS) – I have to admit I have never tried it, because as much as I love going by bike, it is a bit overwhelming. But if something could help you in biking through the city or in some parks, this app is the best!


  • Time Out – this might be the main website I have been using when in NYC. It has everything you might think of and you can even select by date, subject you are interested in or even read monden news.
  • BroadwayForBrokePeople – the website is pretty straight forward, you can try lotteries and get Broadway ticket for cheap. You will just need to do this in a specific time mentioned for every show. I actually won twice – first time it was for Cats but I didn’t see it in time to buy the ticket. The second time, I saw Margaritaville and I paid half the regular price.
  • TodayTix (Android or iOS) – I have used this app several times to buy my broadway ticket. It’s easy to use, you can find cheap deals and you won’t have to wait in line for taking the ticket.
  • ThrilList – what I like about this website is they have a different approach to the list of things you can experience, like best places to have ramen, best spots for brunch, best exhibits and so on.
  • NYC The Official Guide – yet another guide for planning your way around in the city.
  • NYC Parks – while it is not such a user friendly website, I still find the information to be quite accurate and help to decide what park to hang out to. Especially since in the summer time there are a lot of free outdoor events happening all around the city.


  • Groupon – for someone travelling to USA on a budget, I think this should be the main website to check. They have a lot of great deals, and if you are not sure about what to do you can also use this list for getting some ideas on how to spend your time while in NYC.
  • Club Free Time – while I haven’t quite used this website I can easily say it has a lot of great ideas of what you could do for free
  • Shop Drop – this was news to me. I didn’t know at all about this, up until I stumbled across. As they mention on their website, sample sales are 2-5 day events, where designer brands put up their samples and excess merchandise in random locations for crazy discounts (60%-90% off retail). There are between 20 and 100 sample sales in NYC on any given week.
  • Open Table – you can look for restaurants, see menus and reviews and most importantly make reservations. You can also earn rewards points redeemable on the app.

Here we are at the end of the unofficial #NYC month. I have now been there six times and I have experienced all the seasons, so if you happen to have any other questions you can always get in touch with me and I will do my best to answer. If my suggestions feel like too much, just try to decide what you want to do considering first the date, then your budget and then the area where you are willing to go. But please, please, please consider going out of Manhattan because I promise you other boroughs will surprise you in a very good way. #alinaswonders