How to take the best pictures of yourself: 6 tips & tricks to inspire you

I saw there is a famous hashtag going on #advancedselfie, which I guess is just another term for auto-portrait. Well, I do like taking pictures of myself, part because it’s fun, part because I know best what I want to capture and part out of necessity. But I hate taking #selfies.

I used to have a tripod and a professional camera, so back in the day it was maybe easier to do that. But those things were too heavy and I am trying my best to travel light, so I had to rethink my gear. I have used everything from phone to tablet, from camera to gopro with or without a tripod. But no matter what I always found a way to take some pictures I can be proud of. Who ever invented the timer is my favourite person in the world. Or very at the top.

1. Be comfortable in uncomfortable conditions

Sometimes the behind story from a picture is as interesting as the picture itself. Just behind me, in the right bottom corner there were two people taking an interview to another one. But the sunset was almost over and I really wanted to take this picture during sunset. So I took my shoes off to not bother them, since the whole terrace/roof was actually shaking every time someone would step on it. However this was one hot roof, and my dress is quite thin, as you can observe and I did burn myself a little. I used the timer of my camera and like this, after snapping probably around ten pictures I finally got one I am happy with.

Asuncion, Paraguay – March 2018

2. Play with contre-jour (against daylight)

Well, it’s more against sunset light in my case. I always loved these kind of pictures probably because I like playing with shapes in photography, but that’s another story. Also, I love water.. sea, frozen lake, ocean, doesn’t matter. The timing with the light is quite important, so is being able to have the image in focus. For example, the first picture was one of the most challenging ones I ever took. Being against the light, the auto-focus wouldn’t work. So, I had to use the manual focus, which was crazy to manage since there was no-one else there with me. I think it took me around one hour, taking in consideration my setup was a chair and a backpack on the sand, with my camera on top. You don’t wanna know how wet my dress got at the end and how tired I got to keep jumping from that coldish water.

3. Have fun with portraits

If you look closely at the first picture you will see I am actually behind a curtain. In front of me was the window and behind, my room. The light was great and that is the only thing I could think of regarding not showing the room. I guess.. the cleavage helped with distracting people from how wrinkle the curtain was.

4. Hidden or paparazzi style

For some reason I really like these kind of pictures, it gives me a sense of natural or, you know, caught in action. Truth be told, I can’t always do them since I can’t be sure who could just grab my camera and go. So I am always trying to find a place where there is nobody around. Especially since my pose is with the back at the camera.

5. Jump

Really, just jump. As I said before, I used to have a remote for my camera, and things were way simpler like that. Now I do not even have a camera anymore. If you want to make it look like you jumped really high, bend your knees. Not Khaleesi’s order, just an advice.

Iznit, Turkey – May 2011

6. Improvise

In the pictures below I have used my Android tablet rested on the ground. The case would fold in such a way that I would be able to have it vertically. It also has a timer, that I will always set for 10 seconds. It’s a given the quality is poor, the photo being taken with an old tablet, but I am still happy with my choice. And if you look at the third picture you can also see my timing was perfect since I managed to get a condor flying above me. (Pictures taken in Argentina, Chile and Peru, 2018)

Where are you with taking pictures of yourself? Are there any other tips you have and I didn’t mention them? Or maybe do you have any other questions? Let me know in the comment below. #alinaswonders