Zip-Lining in Iceland

Once upon a time I lived in #Vik (the full name of the city being Vik y Myrdal). It’s the main city in South of #Iceland being famous for the black sand beach, Reynisfjara and one of waterfalls closeby, Skogafoss.
Surprisingly, it has a lot more to offer, one of the things being going zip-lining with Zipline Iceland.

Before going further, did you know I host a podcast? You can check it out right here on my website. Have a listen and tell me what else should I talk about next time.

The basic info you might need before starting the trip: the whole tour can take up to two hours, you will need hiking shoes and, like always when you are in Iceland, layers. The wind is almost always strong in Vik, so the beginning of the tour might change depending on that. You will meet at a hostel on a hill and you will be driven to where to tour starts.

And that is exactly how we started. It was a lovely short 20 minutes walk and then we got to the first zipline and the longest one, The Gentle Giant. Being the first one, before starting all the fun, we were given final instructions and the team was really making sure we are all very comfortable. It was interesting because, unlike in Ecuador, we couldn’t see where the zip-line ends.

As I mentioned, it was not my first time zip-lining, I have done it twice more when in Ecuador, and so this time it seemed way easier and less dangerous. Especially since it was from a sitting position. Last time I was more in a superhero position.

We continued with a short walk through the Cave Canyon and we were given a short introduction about the rock formations and finally we made it to the next challenge called Leap of Faith. Now that was a lot of fun because you basically just jump from one side to another, while being well secured. If you ever wanted to jump like Neo this is the closest that you might get.

The last part is called Little Rush. I was unlucky the wind was really blowing in my face so I didn’t make it all the way to the end of it, nor did I get enough speed. But I was easily ‘saved’ and like that we ended the tour. Actually we walked all the way back to the base enjoying some more of the beautiful surroundings Vik has to offer.

I think our guides were Sammi and Asa, I can’t recall well, but I can vouch the whole team is a really awesome gang. They also do paragliding and it’s one of my regrets that I haven’t tried it before moving out the little Southern Icelandic city.