Photo #5 – Turkey

The Forbidden Photo

I was an exchange student in Istanbul when I took this picture. If you are interested in my experience as a student in Turkey you can hear all about it on my podcast, Travelling Inside Out.

So the story behind this picture is a simple one. When living there I would sometimes go to mosques just because they were so different than the Christian churches I grew up with. I am not a religious person, but I am interested in the history and architecture of a spiritual building. I will expand on that in a future article.

As soon as I snapped this picture, someone told me I am not allowed to take it. And so in that moment, I apologized, but I didn’t want to delete it. Should I have done that? Maybe.

The irony is I eventually lost almost all 4 months of pictures from Turkey but somehow this one survived, even though the quality of it was seriously damaged. I am sure there is a metaphor somewhere in there, however I will let you come up with your own interpretation.

I will continue with this category because I love the idea of coming back to just one photo. And get the meaning and the feelings out of it.

Istanbul, Turkey – April 2011


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