5 Wonders From Above

Who doesn’t like the view from a plane? Whenever I am flying, I like to have a window seat because it just brings me so much joy to see the world from above. I mean, there is a reason why every time I am travelling to somewhere new I’m looking for a tower or a place where I can see the city from above.

I remember my first time flying. It was May 2009 and I had a flight from Budapest, Hungary to Oslo, Norway. Back then I was able to choose my seat with no extra charge even with a low-cost company. Hmmm, how time… flies. Anyway, I managed to get my window seat and I was the happiest when the plane finally took off. Seeing Budapest was so interesting, but as soon as we approached Norway I got hooked. The view of the fjords, the sea and the land was simply incredible for my eyes. Not only that but during the flight, I have seen a full circle rainbow. I didn’t even know that was a thing until then. I also didn’t know how later in life I will fall in love over and over again with seeing the sunset or the sunrise from the plane.

It is safe to say, ever since then I always tried to get a window seat when I flew. And a lot of time I managed so I have a tiny collection of pictures taken from the plane. I have actually started a fb album with pictures only taken from the plane, and I am happy I did because since then I have lost quite a huge amount of content. Like my pictures from Norway.

1. Greenland

I have never been to Greenland but I flew over it quite a few times. Luckily one time (October 2017) the clouds were picture-friendly and I was shown the magic land in a way I can’t even explain.

2. Iceland – domestic flight

I have only taken the plane twice within Iceland, but totally worth it. I mean, look at it! While I was taking these pictures I was also recording a video. So if you want to see that, check out the video of travelling by plane from Egilsstadir to Reykjavik. (June 2017)

3. Chile to Argentina – Andes Mountains

It was not my first time seeing mountains from the plane, but the Andes shocked me for real. How was that even possible? Stunning is not enough of a word to describe what I have experienced. (February 2018)

4. Tunisia

That was my first time (October 2012) on the African continent and I was very excited to see that side of the world so much. Everything was a wonder to me, and it all started with the view from the plane. I mean look at the sea.

5. New York City

If you really think I won’t mention NYC then you haven’t paid attention to my travels and my stories. This was my first time in New York City (back in October 2016) but these pictures were taken when I actually left.


Sometimes you don’t even need to see all the way down to have an interesting perspective over your flight.


P.S. Yes, I know I have been away for a very long time. I got in my on way and days, weeks and even months passed by. For some reason, I didn’t feel inspired to write about my travels. It also just happens, since the last time I posted, I have only done some domestic travelling. Not sure if it is the cause, but anyway, I hope you enjoyed this article. And if you did, I would love you to like it or share it on your favourite social media.