United By Flowers | A Peek Into My Digital Garden Collection

Flowers, gardens and small corners of Paradise is what I choose to focus on. Not only because of the global crisis, but also during my travels. Things are not the same, and all our travel plans have been postponed or cancelled. Which means we might have a little more time to reflect on the previous trips we took.

For me, I finally made time to look over my flower collection aka photos from my travels. Since this spring we had to stay mostly indoors, I believe it is time to share my passion for flowers with you. I believe, no matter where we live in the world, we can always be united by nature.

And to be fair, where I live at the moment, spring hasn’t even started. So I needed this as much as the next person.

Notice how I am not writing where all these flowers are from?! It might be the reminder we all need. For example, the 6 pictures above were taken in 4 different countries, on two different continents. Can you try and guess which ones? Even if you don’t, I still believe this is a perfect metaphor for how nature will always come together as one.

Flowers are always incredible no matter the time of the year. I had to show the difference during seasons, especially outside of spring. The winter one was actually my desktop screen on my phone for a few months.

Some of the pictures above were taken in a botanical garden, some of them around apartment blocks. And still the magic feels the same to me.

There is something about the pure white with a splash of colour.

I had to end my collection with my favourite flower of them all, tulips. Even though I usually love them in orange, these are simply perfect to me.

What about you, do you have a flower collection?