Flying Over Reykjavik

Iceland is known for the stunning sights, insane adventure trips and vast landscape. What do you get when you put them all together? One of the best tours I have ever went on: The Flying Buggy over Reykjavik and Esja (the closest mountain).

I loved it so much that I actually made a video, scroll at the end of the post to see it. I need to thank again to Andra, who was kind enough to edit my video. Years later and I still very much dislike editing my own videos. Hhaha! And as well, I need to thank for giving me some of the footage they recorded from the wing’s side.

If I can give you one advice, make sure you ask before starting the tour what are the areas you can go to in those around 20 minutes. I was a bit hasty in my choice and my option was seeing Esja from above, instead of seeing a volcano. I am pretty sure that could have been even more interesting.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining at all about the incredible view I witnessed. I mean, you can never go wrong in Iceland with anything, especially when it comes to views from above. Not to mention, I have hiked on that mountain for 4 times and once I had a full hike of 9 hours (around 20 km/12.5 miles).

As you can notice in one of the images above, from time to time the pilot would open the door completely so I was able to take pictures directly without the window. Also the sensation of being so high up with only a belt that keeps me safe, priceless.

I have a sort of love-hate relationship with Esja. I know it sounds weird, but I do. There is something about this famous mountain that I just can’t take enough of (I mean look at these images!), but sometimes it makes me frustrated. I still remember my first time on the mountain, together with a friend, we got lost. Yes! Lost on the very easy hike straight up. We managed to find a more difficult way. I am still not very sure how. But we ended up going down on our butts on some leftover snow. Not even slopes, just snow.

The best thing was when the pilot asked me if I would like an extra adrenaline shot and I said yes and boy! it was awesome. As they actually advertise it on their website, I was lucky to experience some of these:

Adrenaline moves, optional: aerobatic stomach-churning moves (if that’s your cup of tea); wing-overs, tight turns.

And we actually went twice up and down and then up again. Weeeeeeee!

Everything ended with slowing down and little by little we landed back where we started from. Soon after I was driven back in the city and that was it. One of the best adventures I have ever embarked on! And I would do it all over again!

P.S. This is the tour I went on, it is not an ad, but for those interested I highly recommend this company.