5 Wonders From Above

Who doesn’t like the view from a plane? Whenever I am flying, I like to have a window seat because it just brings me so much joy to see the world from above. I mean, there is a reason why every time I am travelling to somewhere new I’m looking for a tower or a place where I can see the city from above. … More 5 Wonders From Above

8 Stunning Islands Around The World

I have a thing for islands. They don’t even need to be exotic, I just love them. Some of them are countries, others are belonging to a mainland, some of them are the main part of a city, and others simply a national park. Actually I am now on the eight one, but I used to live on the first one and wish I could live on another one mentioned in the article. Famous or never heard of, what follows are three facts about each visited island and, like always, my pictures. … More 8 Stunning Islands Around The World