Solo-Hiking in the Land of Fire and Ice | New Photos

I was never planning on solo-hiking in the highland of the country, but circumstances made it that way. July 2017 was when I trekked Laugavegur trail all alone in 4 crazy-scarry-life-threatening-stunning days. … More Solo-Hiking in the Land of Fire and Ice | New Photos

Machu Picchu – One Year Anniversary

What can I possibly say about the famous Inca ruins that hasn’t been said already? It is on so many people’s bucket list that you can find tens, if not hundreds, of blogs with the title ‘dream come true’ connected to it. The internet is filled with all the information one might need when thinking to visit the Peruvian citadel. And somehow my experience was a bit unexpected. … More Machu Picchu – One Year Anniversary

Photo #5 – Turkey

The Forbidden Photo I was an exchange student in Istanbul when I took this picture. If you are interested in my experience as a student in Turkey you can hear all about it on my podcast, Travelling Inside Out. So the story behind this picture is a simple one. When living there I would sometimes … More Photo #5 – Turkey

Zip-Lining in Iceland

Once upon a time I lived in #Vik (the full name of the city being Vik y Myrdal). It’s the main city in South of #Iceland being famous for the black sand beach, Reynisfjara and one of waterfalls closeby, Skogafoss. Surprisingly, it has a lot more to offer, one of the things being going zip-lining … More Zip-Lining in Iceland