Flying Over Reykjavik

Iceland is known for the stunning sights, insane adventure trips and vast landscape. What do you get when you put them all together? One of the best tours I have ever went on: The Flying Buggy over Reykjavik and Esja (the closest mountain). I loved it so much that I actually made a video, scroll … More Flying Over Reykjavik

8 Stunning Islands Around The World

I have a thing for islands. They don’t even need to be exotic, I just love them. Some of them are countries, others are belonging to a mainland, some of them are the main part of a city, and others simply a national park. Actually I am now on the eight one, but I used to live on the first one and wish I could live on another one mentioned in the article. Famous or never heard of, what follows are three facts about each visited island and, like always, my pictures. … More 8 Stunning Islands Around The World